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Book Review: Girl, 15, Charming but Insane

Jess Jordan is a fifteen year old who complain about her upper body’s lack of development and her bottom’s massiveness.

Not only that she’s disappointed with her lack of beauty but has to live the knowledge that she’s best friends with Flora Barclay, who has the loveliness of a goddess.

Jess lives with her mother and grandmother, and keeps in touch with her dad through text messages. She has a crush on Ben Jones, who she thinks doesn’t know that she exists.

Jess went to a party one time and spring and decided to use minestrone soup to make her breasts look bigger, but it ended up in a disaster when Whizzer grabbed her left boob- Bonnie- and the bag of soup exploded. Little did she know that a video camera was fixed up hidden inside the ladies’ bathroom for fun.

The footage was almost seen by the guys who were invited to watch it but Fred Parsons, her best friend, stole the tape and replaced it with Snow White instead.

Fred asked Jess a favor to buy something for his mother’s birthday, and she was glad to, but she forgot it when her grandmother forgot to turn off the taps by the sink and the first flood of their house was flooded.

Fred didn’t talk to her afterwards. Flora, Ben, and their other friend, Mackenzie, signed up on a show as a band, yet they admitted that they were horrible, but Jess told them, that they weren’t bad enough. Jess had also grabbed the chance to be discovered as a comedienne by also joining the show, writing her own lonely hearts ad, with the guidance of Mr. Fothergill, yet when the show came she fell ill, causing Flora to do her best friend’s stand-up routine.

Jess also begins spending time with her secret love. Ben is nice to her, but he didn’t pursue a romantic relationship.

Flora admitted that he likes Fred, and asks Jess to tell him what she feels. Jess accepted the request and went to face her best friend, who didn’t speak to her in weeks. Fred later admits that he was sorry of how he acted and said that Flora liking him seems wrong. He later tells Jess that he wants to go out with her and asks her if she could cut his hair. She happily accepts his request, and the story ends when Fred held Jess’ hand and placed it near his heart.


This is one of the best non-fantasy books I’ve read. Every girl could relate to what Jess experiences and feels.

This is also a hilarious book that girls would enjoy reading. Jess describes the feeling that a typical teenager would experience during high school

This is a really good book for leisure reading. A must-have. I promise you, you won’t regret it.


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