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Book Review: Kristy and the Snobs

In the book, the main character, Kristy Thomas, finally moves in to her new home after her mother married a rich man named Watson Brewer.

She also put up posters all over her new neighborhood to advertise the

One time, while waiting for the school bus in her neighborhood, she encountered four girls who were wearing private school uniforms. Kristy really felt different that time because she goes to a public school, and she usually wears clothes of the same kind: turtleneck, pants, and sneakers.

One of them, whose name is Shannon Kilbourne, began asking her questions her things about her, ending the short conversation with Kristy hopping in the bus, calling the girl “snob” and the latter retorted by calling the former “jerkface”.

The both of them ended up pulling pranks on each other until such time when it was too much for Shannon, causing her to storm over the residence where Kristy is currently babysitting (I think it was the Delaneys). But after they had a little argument, they made up and became friends.



The Thomases’ dog, Louie, a collie,began to walk limply and blindly. The veterinarian told Kristy and her brothers, Charlie and David Michael what Louie needs to do for him to regain his health, but none of the advices made him better.

Because of his old age, it began to worsen, until such time that the owners decided that Louie must be put into sleep. They threw a funeral for their dog, and at the end, they adopt one of Shannon’s puppies and names it ‘Shannon’.


This is one of my favorite books, even though it has only less than two hundred pages.

I figured out that I would feel the same way if I were in Kristy’s shoes.

I also felt bad that the dog they had been with since before David Michael was born is going to die, since I really love dogs. Same way with cats.

At first I didn’t really like Shannon, but I was really annoyed by one of the girls [who Kristy met at the bus stop], whose name is Amanda. She kept saying that she loves her cat, Priscilla, because she costs four hundred dollars.

But all in all, it’s a very nice read. I didn’t regret spending forty pesos (almost a dollar) on the book, because if I didn’t buy it, I probably would’ve spent it on food [sorry, food lover here].



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