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Book Review: Steven Gets Even

This is story starts when Mr. Bowman asks his class what Frankenstein looks like, where only Elizabeth Wakefield got the correct answer. He tells them to read a book [each student] that was written at least twenty years before the present setting and make a book report about it.

In the next setting, Elizabeth and Amy started to pick their books before Mr. Bowman arrived to tell them the story entitled Dracula.

Later that day, Elizabeth and her twin sister, Jessica, began to talk about going up to the bathroom, since there’s none on the ground floor, along with Amy, Lila and Maria. Usually, it’s only Elizabeth who goes to the bathroom, but, because of their English class and heavy rain, all of them ended up going to the bathroom.

They met Janet Howell, an eight grader and the Unicorn Club president, who told them that the bathroom on the second floor was flooded, and all of them decided that they take another flight of steps to the third floor, Janet trailing behind them.

In the bathroom, right after Jessica used the loo, the lights went off. All of them heard a glass shatter and a hairy arm brushed Jessica. All girls went out, screaming, only to find out that four boys in their class, Charlie, Aaron, Bruce and Brian, pulled a prank on them.

The six girls, then, decided to make a list of pranks, and decided that Steven, Elizabeth and Jessica’s older brother, should be the person they will test their practical jokes on.

Steven falls for every prank his sisters pulled on him, except for the plastic spiders in his cereal, only to be gotten back by the rubber cockroach.

The girls started to place jokes on the boys at school, including the moment when Jessica placed cold leftover spaghetti on Aaron’s lap during Mr. Bowman’s storytelling inside the dimlit classroom.

The boys sent Elizabeth and Janet letters that Scare War is on, but days passed, and the girls started to gain victory.

As a celebration of winning the Scare War, they planned a sleepover at the Wakefield residence, and much to their luck, the twins’ parents and brother will be out. Unknown to them, Steven was going to make his comeback inside the basement, where he is making his costume that he thinks will scare the girls.

During the night, Aaron, Charlie, Bruce and Brian went to get revenge by dressing up as a mummy, skeleton and ghosts, but the girls instantly discovered when they saw the mummy wearing Nikes.

They used glow-in-the-dark to paint their sleeping bags into what look like the hound that Elizabeth has been imagining in the book she picked for reporting.

They chased the boys into the night, finally making them surrender.

During the decision of what the boys should do, all electric things went off. Jessica went to the get the candles by the counter in the kitchen when a sound of footsteps scared the wits out of them. A horrible-looking creature went out of the basement, crossed the kitchen and emerged by the living room.

They realized it was Steven when they recognized his laugh. The boys admired his work after he turn the main switch on. Steven finally announced that he was the one who had outscared them best.

The story ended when two other creatures appeared on the road when the boys were about to go home. All were scared, but later, the creatures were uncovered as the siblings’ parents.


This is quite sexist in my own opinion: the boys thinking that the girls are easily scared.

But I enjoyed it. Every prank made was very realistic. Even the receiver of the pranks sounds funny when I read their reactions.

This is one of the short-story books that I find rather pleasurable.

Because of this books, I wanted to test the pranks made the girls on some people who I hate.


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