Fanfiction #4

When Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy went through the tree, they arrived not at the train station but by a familiar cave.

Lucy recognized it at once. She went inside, her siblings trailing behind her.

All they saw were dusty furnitures. Peter and Susan got the chills of excitement running on their spine.

“If we’re in this place,” Edmund started. “We’ll probably be able to find the lamp post and see if the wardrobe is still there.”

“Come on, Lucy,” Susan said, gently pulling Lucy out of the house but the latter didn’t move.

She pointed at the table, and the three saw an unrolled piece of parchment.

Peter went to pick it up and blow the dust covering it, then he started reading:



If you’re reading this, I would just like to say thank you that I have met you, that I have really seen the White Witch dethroned.

Thank you for being my friend, and for making me realize that there is still light in the darkness.

I hope to see you again in Aslan’s Country, when time comes.

Your friend, always,



Peter rolled the parchment, and when he looked down, he saw Susan comforting Lucy, who started crying.

He patted her back and said, “Don’t cry, Lu. I think Mr. Tumnus is already happy that he’s already in peace at Aslan’s country and living another life.”

Unexpectedly, Edmund also piped up. “We can bring his letter, if you want something that remind me of him.”

“I-I’ve already got the ha-handkerchief I-I gave to him that h-he retuned,” Lucy said through sobs.

“But it’s still better if you have something that is done by him, right?” Susan asked her in a gentle voice.

Peter handed the letter to Lucy and she took it. Together, they went out of the cave and went to find the lamp post, finding that it’s still working perfectly.

Lucy led the others to the place where the wardrobe was hidden, but instead of a closet full of clothes they founds themselves stand in the train station once again. They turned their backs but the pine trees pricking their backs were gone.

They went back to their position as the train came into halt.

They stood still as if they were in a trance until someone asked, “Aren’t you coming, Phyllis?” snapping them back to reality.

They talked about their new adventures in Narnia all the way home. By the time they got there, Lucy read Tumnus’ letter one more time before putting it on her bedside table, where she can get it every time she wants to remember her friend.


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