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Romeo and Juliet. The Host. The Lord of The Rings. The Hound Of Baskerville. Frankenstein. Delirium. Divergent. Da Vinci Code. The Prince and The Pauper. Twilight. Casual Vacancy. The Kane Chronicles. Angels and Demons. Dracula. The Whipping Boy. The Little Mermaid. Sherlock Holmes.

These are just a few of the books written in the history of literature, none of which are actually based on true life. But what if you wished you had a perfect world and it came true? Sounds a bit like Coraline, right?

But think of it as a possibility. What if every story you have read comes to life and sets down in front of your eyes? How would you react? What would you feel?

But the real question is: How will you EVER get back?


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