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Living In Fairytales: Chapter I

1st statement: I’m a fangirl.

You might picture me out now once you’ve heard the word “fangirl”. Either I’m lying down, absorbed by a good, long novel, reacting every time I read something that triggers my emotions. Or sitting in front of a computer or laptop in a weird position, and scream when I see a picture of my idol.

2nd statement: I’m more of a book person.

I love curling into a position with a book covering my face, blocking out every one’s faces whenever they pass me. Every time someone tries to talk to me or just ask me something, I turn a deaf ear to them and just say “Mm-hmm,” which irritates them.

3rd statement: Well, I’m sorry. It’s just that the book I‘m reading is just too good to put down… or even just to take a moment to let my eyes rest.

You might as well conclude that I continue reading books late at night.

That’s true. I’m that kind of person who says “Just one more chapter” whenever your sisters are starting to complain about the lights.

Which is why I’m going downstairs to the living room after my mother called me from there. I looked at the clock just by the hallway and saw that it was already three in the afternoon.

I plastered a smile on my face and walked into the room. “Hey, mum,” I said brightly at the middle-aged brunette woman sitting on the couch on the left side of the coffee table.

She slowly turned her head towards me and saw an annoyed look on her face. “Sit down, Jane,” she said. My smile began to fade as I walked towards the couch across her, and I felt her eyes follow me. I sat down and took a glance at her.

“Jane,” she said. “This is the fifth time in a row I’ve told you to sleep early yet you haven’t taken heed of anything I said.”

I hung my head. “I’m sorry.”

“And that’s the fifth time I heard you say that,” she said, nonplussed. I looked at her guiltily, and saw that she hasn’t taken her eyes off me yet. “Remember yesterday when I told you that I would have to give you a punishment if you have to do it one more time?”

I nodded. “I wouldn’t cut off your time of reading,” she said.

I grinned again, but this time it’s a real one. “Really?” I asked.

“Yes,” came the reply. I was about to stare at the ceiling and say thank you when…

“I’ll take away the books,” she said so suddenly that I instantly felt horrified, looking at her incredulously. “But why?” I wailed.

“You’ve been spending most of your time reading. It’s already summer, Jane. Why don’t you go and join your classmates?” she said.

“I don’t want to join them,” I told her as I swung my legs over the arm of the couch and lie down.

“And why not?” she asked. “Because I would just feel out of place, that’s why!”

“Why don’t you just try to mingle with them?” she questioned.

“Because all they talk about are their crushes and other stuff I couldn’t relate to,” I said.

She looked at me sternly. “Look. If you have started going with them a long time ago, you wouldn’t be lonely.”

I stared at her. “Who said I’m lonely?”

“You seem to be!” she said her voice rising a little.

“Mom,” I started. “I never felt lonely in my entire life. I’m with my books. I’m already fine just reading them.”

“How would books help you in the future, Jane?” she asked exasperatedly.

“To widen my imagination and vocabulary, that’s how,” I said, sitting upright. “You’re still into Journalism?” Her brows contracted and she narrowed her eyes.

“Mum, it’s the only thing that I’ve always wanted to do!” I said.

“No. You would be taking up Nursing and that’s final,” she said, emphasizing the last two words.

I looked at her eyes and said, “Mum, you said you trust me, didn’t you?”

“Yes, I do trust you,” she said.

“If you do, please consider what I want to be. I know what I really want, I would be able to gain money from it, and I would be able to survive. Just trust me with it.” I said, standing up from my spot and started to walk out.

“I’m still going to take your books, young lady,” I heard her call once I was outside.

I looked up the stairs and saw my sisters grinning at me. “Aw. No books for you,” Danielle, my youngest sister, said with a foul simpering smile.

“Stop giving me that look,” I said as I flattened myself against the wall and climb up. “You look disgusting.”

As I stepped on the topmost stair, I turned right and headed to our room. Instead of plopping down on my bed, I looked at the top of the messy stacks of books on my small coffee table, where Peter Pan is resting.

The book I’m currently reading, and I’ve just started it about twenty minutes ago right after Flipped, and I just became hooked on it.

I looked at the other books with a burning temptation to hide all of them, but mum would ground me. I sighed and went to arrange all of them. By the time my table looked tidy with the books neatly stacked, I took Peter Pan and hid it under my pillow, and then lifted the rest ten by ten and transferred them to my parents’ bedroom.

I went to the kitchen after I moved the books, and saw my sisters eating sandwiches there. In between their plates is a jar of peanut butter and jelly. And they’re also drinking soda from glasses. I looked around and saw crushed cans of coke by the counter.

I looked at them again as I went towards the refrigerator. “Where’s mum?” I asked.

“She went shopping,” Samantha, my younger sister, said as she took a bite.

“For what?” I asked again as I took out a can of coke and a couple of cold cookies. I broke a piece off to check if it was still good to eat as Danny said, “To buy cake, turkey, pasta and pizza.”

“What’s special?” I asked as I stuffed the piece into my mouth. Both of them shrugged.

I took the plate of cookies, closed the fridge, turned around and was about to get out when Sam asked, “Where are you going?”

I looked back. “Upstairs in our room. Just tell me if you want to get in.” They shot me suspicious looks as I turned around again.

I rushed up, making loud noises on the stairs, and into the bedroom, locking the door with the pinky finger from the hand where I was holding the can as I got in. I set the food on the coffee table, and took another cookie. I let myself collapse on bed and take out the lovely book. I opened it and began to read, but for the first time, I suddenly became drowsy.

“Occasionally in her travels through her children’s minds Mrs. Darling found things she could not understand, and of these quite the most perplexing was the word Peter. She knew of no Peter, and yet he was here and there in John and Michael’s minds, while Wendy’s began to be scrawled all over with him. The name stood out in bolder letters than any of the other words, and as Mrs. Darling gazed she felt that it had an oddly cocky appearance…”

I read it again but I couldn’t absorb the words. I kept repeating it but it was useless. I closed the book and hid it under the pillows. I stood up to unlock the door, took a bite off my cookie and return it to the plate. I went back to bed again. This time, I tucked myself under the comforter. In no time, I fell asleep.

I woke up again to the sound of crickets chirping by. I guess it’s already evening. I yawned and suddenly, my stomach rumbled. I looked around and saw that my sisters were already asleep. I checked under the pillows to see if the book was still there, and much to my gladness, it still was. I remembered the plate and soda on my coffee table. Thank God I don’t have to sneak to the kitchen.

I got out of bed and realized I was still in my sweatshirt and jeans. Oh, well. I stood up and started towards the table, but I caught of something just by the corner of my eye.

I turned my head and saw someone standing there. A boy looked much like the one I saw in an animated film.

An image of a boy I could imagine when I hear the title of the book I’m currently reading.


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