Graduation Feels


That’s me in the picture but I blurred it because privacy purposes but you could see the outline of what I wore during the yearbook pictorials.

Yes, guys. I’m officially a graduate from college!

We had our graduation rites last Sunday and it still feels surreal. I still can’t imagine that I was able to finish 4 years of college because to be honest, I wasn’t even that serious during studies.

I procrastinated, I slept through weeks of preparation for exams, my passing of schoolworks are sometimes delayed, you name it. I don’t even know how I survived university life, but still, for whatever reason that I was able to graduate, I’m still thankful that I was able to reach to this point.

And now, all I need is a review for the board exams on June, be serious about my goal in life, and become a registered and successful nurse.

To everyone reading this who had just recently graduated, congratulations!

To those who are still struggling with their study, may you be in primary, elementary, middle, secondary or tertiary school, I know you can do it, guys. Go, fight, conquer! [It sounds so cheesy what’s wrong with me?]

This is probably all that I can say about this moment because seriously I still can’t believe that this happened.

See you next time, guys.



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