Journal · Just Passing By

Personal Prayer: Oncoming Board Exams

Lord God, Almighty Father of all creation,

I praise and adore You. I glorify Your Name, oh God, for everything good that You have done for me and my brothers and sisters in You. I thank You, Lord, for the gifts of life, family, friends and camaraderie, for the blessings You have showered upon Me and for the wisdom, understanding and knowledge that You bestowed through my family, mentors, teachers and other people who helped me reach where I am right now.

Lord, I am truly sorry for every wrongdoing that I have done. I pray for forgiveness from You, God. Although I can not promise You that I will be able to avoid doing those mistakes again, but do assist me, Lord, for me to do what you want me to do and to avoid what needs to be avoided.

Lord, as I continue my journey to becoming a successful nurse, may You always bless and guide me, that You will never leave my side or let me lose track of what I’m supposed to be. I entrust You everything, Lord. Please bless our mentors and coaches and everyone who I met and became close with during our review sessions. They have done their best, Lord, and I know that they are deserving of the things they desire the most. Please bless every nurse out there, by profession or by heart, sacrificing their time and health to take good care of their patients. Please bless every person who are sick that they may finally be free from the burden they feel. Please bless every person in this world that they may all have the peace and enlightment they need in their life.

All these I ask from you, Lord God, in the name of Jesus through the intersession of Mary. Amen


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