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Living in Fairytales: Chapter II

No. I couldn’t be sure. Maybe I’ve just watched it too many times.

I closed my eyes and pinched my arm. Hard. And it was painful. This is only a dream, I told myself. This is only a dream.

I opened my eyes and saw the boy’s foot disappear up the window. I ran towards the window, stuck my head out and looked up.

No one. I was about to back off when he reappeared right in front of me. I gave a little scream and tumbled down as I took a step backward.

The boy flew and landed on a spot a foot away to my right. “Are you okay?” he asked as he held out a hand, which I took. As he pulled me up and I took and good look at him, I forgot to answer his question. Green hat and clothes, pointed ears, pointed shoes and a young face.

“Who are you?” I asked him, just to be sure.

“Peter Pan,” he said with a wide grin and bowed down before me.

“Er, no need to do that,” I told him. Suddenly, something gold flew from the window and zoomed in and out of my sight.

“And that’s Tinkerbell,” he said, pointing at the glittery thing, and took a step closer.”What’s your name?”

“Jane,” I said “Short for Janessa Brown.”

He suddenly stared at the ceiling, but it seems like he’s looking at a distance. “Jane,” he whispered. “Same name as Wendy’s daughter.”

“So you can lift yourself into the air?” I asked again, indirectly telling him to do so.

He grinned again. “Of course I can,” he said, then took off. So the things I saw on the internet were right. He IS boastful. I hope I could tolerate him as long as I would like. I wonder how Wendy liked him.

“You fly by thinking happy thoughts?” I asked as I went to the door.

“Yes-well, I…” he said, his voice faltering as he sat on the top of the back of the wooden chair by the window.

“Yes?” I said slowly as I switched on the lights, illuminating the whole room, making his face look clearer.

He really looked young. He’s kind of Tom Felton in The Borrowers, except that some features were softer and he looks a bit mature. Don’t tell that in front of him. He’ll get mad, I said to myself. “You’re from Neverland?”

He brightened up at the mention of it. “Yes, I do! How did you know?”

I rolled my eyes. “Almost every person in the world knows.”

“Jane!” I heard a muffled voice shout from my right. Danielle. I faced her and saw her completely covered under her sheets. “Turn the lights off or I’ll tell mum you’re reading again!”

“I’m not reading!” I said outrageously as I went to the coffee table and took the cookie with a bite. She took the comforter off and sat up with a tired but mischievous look on her face. “Who is she going to believe? You or me?” She turned her head and, apparently, at the first stop, she saw Peter. Her eyes widened and her mouth opened. “Th-th-tha-that’s-” she stuttered, raising a finger to point at him.

“Danny, this is Peter. Peter, this is my sister, Danny,” I said, and bit a huge chunk out of my cookie.

“I thought Danny is a boy’s name?” he asked.

“It’s been over a century since you’ve met Wendy, Peter,” I told him, mouth still full. “People now can name their babies or themselves with whatever they want. And it’s short for Danielle. With an ‘E’ in the end.”

“Fine, then,” he said, then he floated.

“Honestly, how do you do that?” I asked again, swallowing the food in my mouth.

“I don’t kn-wait,” he said. He sneaked behind Tinkerbell, who was looking at the cookies, and grabbed her by her wings (I think I heard a small yelp). He flew right above me, and began patting Tinkerbell. Gold and silver dust fell on me as Peter carelessly threw her away.

“Now. Imagine happy thoughts,” he said, landing no more than two feet in front of me. I closed my eyes and flashes of myself in a room full of books appeared in my mind. Images of my grown-up version writing and reporting shot through every thought. I felt my feet leave the ground. I opened my eyes as I continued imagining and found myself smoothly gliding back and forth. I stretched my arms above me and felt my fingertips bump against the ceiling

“This is awesome!” I exclaimed with a laugh. Out in the corner of my eye, I saw Peter fly after Tinkerbell again. After that, I heard Peter rush to where Danny is, and whisper, “Do you want to try?” I heard a soft tinkle of a bell, and a moment later, Danny came floating in front of me.

“Oh. My. God,” she whispered her eyes wide with fun. A second later, someone from beneath us started muttering angrily. “Jane!” Sam exclaimed. I looked down and saw her extracting herself from her bed. “I’m going to tell mum you’re re–” It was just in time when she faced my bed and saw that I wasn’t there.

“How’s the ground down there, Sam?” Danny shouted from my right and Sam’s head snapped up, her eyes widening. “H-h-how-”

Danny and I looked at each other and then at Peter, letting Sam following our gaze. “I-is th-that–?” she started to ask, but Peter cut through her by bowing and flying over her.

“Greetings, madam,” he said as he patted the fairy one more time. Sam looked at the dust on her hands.

“What is this?” she asked incredulously.

“Pixie dust, Miss… erm…”

“She’s Sam,” I told him.

“Yes. Pixie dust, Miss Sam,” Peter said, bowing at her again.

“Close your eyes and think of happy thoughts,” Danny said, as she flew all over the room. Sam did what she said. I think the next thing she knew, she opened her eyes to a wonderful view from the ceiling.

We flew across the room laughing while he watched us, amused.

“How about we go to Neverland?” he suddenly piped up, causing us to stop.

“What about our mother?” Danny asked worriedly.

“Father?” Sam added with the same tone.

“How would they react?” I asked. Then all of us started to go back on the floor.

“They’ll never know,” Peter said. Sam, Danny and I looked at each other and shot him daggered looks, then back at each other. Even though we disagree on a lot of things related to time, we still have something we could agree on: due time.

Sam took her watch. “Fine. It’s already ten past eleven. We’ll go back after seven hours.”

“Deal,” he said with a grin. “Just wait until you see the mermaids and indians.” The thought of it got me– us– excited and got us floating again.

“Are you ready?” he bellowed.

“Aye, aye, captain,” we replied, giving him salutes.

“If you are ready, follow me!” he exclaimed, prolonging the ‘me’ as he flew out. We shot into the cold air and in a moment, we are already right above London. Tinkerbell was transferring from someone’s side to another. When she came in front of me, I saw a smile playing on her lips.

“Follow me!” I heard Peter shout. I went towards the source and saw him fly up away from the ground and I followed suit. I don’t even know what I was doing but seconds later, we were outer space. I was even surprised that we were still breathing though there was a lack of oxygen.

“Jane!” Peter called, who seemed to slow down. “Take my hand!” As the distance between us got smaller, I stretched my arm out and reached for his hand.

When I got hold of it, I shouted at Sam, “Take my hand!”

She did what I told her and passed the message to Danny.

“Whatever happens,” Peter said loudly. “Don’t. Let. GO!” he screamed the last word and pulled us as he sped up, making everything around us look blurry. The heavy pressure elicited screams out of me.

The next thing I knew everything went dark. I looked under and saw myself then I realized it was only a reflection when I saw rippling. Water, I thought.

“Look up,” Peter said. I hyper-extended my neck, facing ahead of us and saw the sun rising above a beautiful, massive island.


Second chapter done.

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