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Beauty And The Beast live action

Okay, so the live action version of Beauty and the Beast is already drawing near and I’m both nervous and excited about, as Disney was one of my childhood memories and I’ve watched so many of it for so many times as a kid and still as an adult.

I’m nervous because it may not be able to level with the original (but then, none has because they’re Disney classics), and I’m excited because, well, they’ve remade one of my childhood favorites.The trailers were really good, which have made me set my standards high for the remake.

After learning of the cast, I became psyched, as it has some of my favorites, namely Emma Watson, Emma Thompson, Sir Ian McKellen, etc.

Now about the theme song. Beauty and the Beast was nice with all the instrumentals in the live action trailer, and I was surprised that it was Ariana Grande and John Legend singing but I became skeptical when DisneyMusicVEVO released another version where it was more like Pop and millenial, which somehow lost some of the magic in the song. I do not blame the singers, as they did a really amazing job; I was just a bit disappointed with the background music. Nevertheless, it was still a good song.

Some people would say that Celine Dion and Peabo Bryson’s version is better, but they are forgetting Dame Angela Lansbury. The legendary Dame Angela freakin’ Lansbury, who was the original Mrs. Potts, who sang the original version of Beauty and the Beast, who almost didn’t make it to record title song due to a bomb threat, who stayed up all night  to wait and came anyway, who recorded it just once and still perfectly nailed it, who made everyone cry when she performed it last year during the screening of the original film at its 25th anniversary (watch it here).

Anyways, I just can’t wait for the live action film to come to theaters. I swore to myself that as soon as it came out and I was on a day off, I will immediately watch it.

That’s it for today, guys. Till next time.



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