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Being Fat Is Not Ugly

Society changes views over periods of time. One period, it was all about thin eye brows and an hourglass figure, sort of like Marilyn Monroe; another period focuses on having big bosoms and buttocks and no make-up; now, you’re a real beauty if you are a natural one… with a skinny/toned body.

Okay, so I’m not focusing on faces. I’m here to talk about our body.

Our bodies are partially made up of fat, percentage depending on your sex and overall anthropometric measurements. We also have what we call metabolism, which is the process of turning food into energy inside your body, and people could either have a slow or fast one depending on 1.) your thyroid levels and 2.) your activity.

So why body-shame someone if all this losing/gaining weight is a body function possible even if without exercise and other factors alike aside from food consumption?

Is it because it’s already “norm” that you should be a size 2 at most to be accepted as beautiful? That you must be an workout addict with well-toned abs and all? Or that you should skip meals or avoid nutrients that might contribute to weight gain?

Because I don’t stick to that norm, nor any norms from the past tens or hundreds of years ago.

You cannot simply tell someone to eat loads of food because they look sick and fragile or exercise because they are “obese”, or what they just call as obese because you know what?

You’ve scrolled past pictures of small people eating platters of food yet they still have the same body. You catch glimpses of large people exercising and yet somehow they look exactly the same. Get what I’m trying to tell you here?

And why is it that when some pretty face with a delicate/”amazing” figure posts a picture of them in front of a large platter filled with carbs, fats and protein, they receive comments like “work it, girl” or “amazing” or just heart [eyes] emojis but when people see a big person (the fat kind, not the buff one) at the gym, they take a selfie with them in the background [unaware that they’re being taken a picture of] then post it online with a caption mocking them?

Besides, when people say the word “fat”, why do they say it the same way as they say “ugly”? Do they just look past faces, attitude and personality and just base someone’s beauty or ugliness on how much they weigh?

I’ve experienced something similar to body shaming. A month after I started working, someone told me that I looked slimmer, and they said it like I looked better. Months later, that same person told me that I’ve gotten fatter like it’s a really sad news, as though being told that I got an F on a test a week after returning from hospital discharge.

Then there are some who do try to eliminate fat shaming from society but still bully the ones opposite their size.

Shouldn’t we just promote body positivity in general and not just as a privilege to one side of this whole agenda? This is what it’s supposed to be: BODY POSITIVITY. We should be celebrating everyone’s body, our bodies, instead of bringing each other down.

Remember we were created different, unique so never expect two persons to be exactly the same as each other because no matter how similar they look alike or think alike, there will still be certain aspects that make one distinguishable from the other.

If you want to live the kind of lifestyle that you genuinely want, go ahead and do it. You want to go and try every food shop there is that you can reach? You want to shed off those extra fats? You want to just eat your heart out and stress away? You just want to experience adrenaline? Do it. 

Just remember that no one could stop you from doing your thing except if you let them, and that you are  beautiful no matter what size you are and what size you’ll become.


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