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Living In Fairytales: Chapter III

The first thing that we did was fly into the woods, and from what I had watched when I was younger, we’re heading to the house of the lost boys.

“Are we going to visit them?” I asked Peter as I flew beside him.

He looked at me in confusion. “Them?”

I frowned. “The Lost Boys.”

He looked away and straight ahead. “Oh. Them,” he said, his voice plain. “They decided to join Wendy in your world because they wanted to have a mother of their own.”

“Is that so?” I asked sadly. “How do you feel when you went to the house for the first time, seeing it empty and knowing they weren’t coming back again?”

“I felt sad,” he said. I was about to tell him I understand what he feels when he added, “But at the same time, I felt happy because except for Tink, I don’t have anyone to take care of now.”

I want to smack this kid right across his face into oblivion. Does this mean that he was only forced to watch them?

Suddenly, the plants behind us rustled wildly. I looked back and the sound stopped. The only ones I see behind us are my sisters, nothing more, nothing less.

I stared again at Peter. “Peter?”


“What kinds of things live here in the forest?”

“Just some animals you normally find inside a forest,” he said as he ducked under an arch. “And Indians,” he added.

“Is Tiger Lily still there?” I asked.

“Yes,” he said. “We could visit her later if you’d like.”

I heard another loud rustle, but I ignored it. We flew in silence while Dani and Sam babbled excitedly seven feet behind. I waited for the rustling to fade away, but it didn’t.

“Peter–” I started to say but he placed a hand on my mouth. He turned his head to me and placed a finger on his lips. He slowly removed his hand and I nodded.

“Tell Sam and Dani to follow me,” he whispered, then he flew on with a constant speed.

I waited for my sisters to catch up with me. “Peter wants us to follow him,” I said to them.

“Why?” Sam asked.

I think Peter had heard me because a second before Sam spoke, he shot into the sky. It left us no choice.

We trailed behind him as he went and settled on a cloud. He took out a small brass telescope out of a pocket and placed the smaller end on his right eye.

“What was that?” Dani asked.

“You’ll never believe me if I’ll tell you who,” he said as he tried to locate the last source of the sound.

“Just tell us,” I ordered him.

He lowered the telescope and slowly turned his head to face us. “James Hook,” he said.

Sam’s face crumpled into a look of surprise. “Hook?” she exclaimed, and I death-stared at her. “I thought that crocodile swallowed him?” she whispered.

“He was whole that time when the crocodile swallowed him so I think he probably figured a way out in no time while he’s still inside,” he said. “There must be other way on how to banish him.”

“Uh, doesn’t the word ‘banish’ seem evil?” I asked.

“HE’S evil,” he said, giving emphasis on the ‘he’s’.

“Says the one who cut off someone’s hand and continued to torture him,” I muttered under my breath. Thankfully, Peter hadn’t heard me.

“Here,” he said without taking his eyes off a spot beneath us and handed me the telescope. “Take a look.”

I followed Peter’s gaze and brought the smaller end on my eye.

There he is. Captain James Hook. Thrashing around in the air angrily as gravity began to work on him.

I passed it to Sam, who immediately looked at Hook. Dani snickered by the time she saw him until his feet reached the ground, which can be seen from here. And that was the time when Peter stood up on the cloud and said “Watch me” as he took his dagger from his belt.

By then, I knew what he was going to do but before I was able to utter a single word, he zoomed towards the pirate and yelled gleefully.

Hook looked up and saw his mortal enemy zooming in. He took out his gun and aimed it at his enemy, pulling the trigger.

But Peter was quick. A split second before the bang, he turned left and circled around Hook.

“PAN!” he roared as he tried to point at Peter. Every time the gun was aimed on a spot, Peter shoots towards the opposite side.

At last, because of desperation to kill him, he finally pulled the trigger for the second time. Unfortunately, the gun was pointed at us. The three of us rolled off the cloud as the bullet passed by.

Gravity began to pull us back on the ground, panic turning to screams. Then I remembered to think of happy thoughts. I thought of an imaginary passage in our room that leads to a huge library. I felt myself slow down. In the corner of my eye, I saw the others beginning to gain their ability to fly again.

I heard a bang and a splash, making me look up. Hook was struggling to fight Peter while trying to fly. I noticed that he wasn’t carrying a gun anymore and had a sword in his hand. The young boy seemed to enjoy the scenario as he dodged a strike which I guess was supposed to aim for his neck.

“Surrender, Hook!” Peter shouted as he stopped behind his enemy.

The latter turned around with a swing of his sword and yelled, “Never!”

Peter flew up, as Hook attempted to cut his legs off, and kicked him in the forehead causing the other to revolve three hundred and sixty.

Peter grabbed Hook’s ankle and swung him like a lasso with all his might and let go of him, sending him hurtling into the water, but Hook was able to stop himself as he missed by an inch. He eyed Peter with despise then began to shout threats at him.

But I wasn’t able to focus on what he was saying.

Because I just heard a sound of a ticking clock.


Heeey. It’s been four months since I updated this story. Sorry for that, although I’m pretty sure none of you guys are interested in reading this anyway but if you do, thank you SO MUCH for reading this shit. I mean I’ve been writing this story since I was seventeen and a half and now I’m twenty-one and I’ve only gotten to finish only the twelfth chapter like eons ago so I have NO IDEA what seventeen-year-old me was planning on how this story goes and how it would end.

Hope you enjoyed reading this. Thanks for visiting my crappy blog. Till next time!



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