Bucket List (Nov. 2012-Apr. 2016)

This is the bucket list before I turn 20.

  1. Reach the height of 5’7″
  2. Finish college
  3. At least one post on WordPress a day
  4. Trim my weight down from 128 pounds to 110 pounds
  5. Take a picture everyday
  6. Go to camp
  7. Resist taking heavy snack twice a day
  8. Visit my uncle who lives very far away
  9. Read at least one book a week
  10. Make a book review at least once a week
  11. Have a least a thousand views of my blog
  12. Reach at least five hundred followers on both Tumblr and WordPress
  13. Accept at least ten sleepovers
  14. Have piano lessons
  15. Mingle with others without trying to fit in
  16. Learn to drive a car
  17. Write at least one original story twenty chapters long

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